Flawless Event Planning

Lets_be_ Reel.

Hello to all the upcoming Brides and Grooms, Parents and everyone else who is getting ready to embark on a fun time for all.**

I’m creating this Blog to help Couples navigate through the wedding planning process. Even though I still plan and coordinate I love to help the families save money where need be and have fun with the process.

I will also be doing some live streaming with a new member of my team. Her name is Lilly Bear, My 8-week-old Micro goldendoodle. She is here to keep us all on track and with task in hand getting you down the aisle stress free.

I will have a topic once a week to talk about in the planning process. Doesn’t matter where you are at in the process there is always something to learn and have fun with. Congratulations to all the couples!!

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