The day has come. The day all girls dream about. Its finally here and time to start the planning process.

There are a few things to follow and keep note.

  1. Have fun planning
  2. Dont let anyone tell you how your special day should be
  3. Have Fun!!!
  4. Practice yoga and relax your mind.
  5. Did I say, Have fun? Have fun!!

Do you feel overwhelmed already? Don’t be. There are professionals that are here to make the process easy.

Find a good wedding planner. Planning should always be about you and your groom. Not the planner. Planners see so many weddings and everyone is different. Some play off emotions that are high, and you’ll end up way outside your budget. Buyes remorse starts settling in and then that’s where the stress starts. Do your research. Interview several candidates. Don’t settle, if you have a bad feeling, don’t go with it. In today’s times we all rely on Reviews to get us the perfect or close to, items, venues, food and beverage. Almost everything is all about reviews. You can tell more about a person or company on how they respond to you.

Don’t forget, HAVE FUN!!!!!

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